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So the previous weekend, I reconnected with an old friend of mine and we found ourselves discussing the Spring framework and its support for application security. Throughout the conversation, I could feel a nagging question lingering at the back of my mind -

Do I really know how Spring wires up its security infrastructure? Or am I just bluffing?
Imposter Syndrome, one might say.

The weekend passed and I resumed my usual work but I could still feel the question looming at the back of…

Hello and welcome to this article where we will learn how to create a full-stack web application using NodeJS and also deploy it on Heroku. Let us get started.

So before we start coding, let us define what our application will do

We will create an application (QuickLinks) that will let us save our favorite websites and launch them from a single place. The website will be guarded with basic authentication and support — Login and Sign Up process.

Once we are done, the website will look as follows -


The code can be found here -

Setting up the project

You can either…

Boudhayan Dev

I am a full-stack software developer currently associated with SAP Labs. You can check out my work and connect with me on GH —

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